On the Trail of the Lonesome Pine

The Trail of the Lonesome Pine was a popular song in the 1930’s after the release of a movie of that name in 1936.

It was Hollywood’s 5th version of the story from John William Fox’s novel, and the first film shot in three strip technicolour outside of a studio. It is now available on video.

♫ In the blue ridge mountains of Virginia,

On the trail of the lonesome pine….. ♫

This is all trivia of course, as it has no connection to our Lone Pine. Still for some it may bring back memories.

Laurel & Hardy recorded a version

Trees of the Next Generation

In 1964, President of Warrnambool Legacy, Tom Griffiths, suggested that for the 50th anniversary of Gallipoli, seedlings from the original trees be provided for memorial plantings. Seeds from the Warrnambool tree failed to germinate, but about 150 seedlings were raised from seed from the tree at the Shrine of Remembrance. A similar initiative by Legacy produced more seedlings to commemorate the 75th anniversary of Gallipoli. The tree at the Shrine has since died.

This year 2015, seeds were collected from the Warrnambool tree. Some have been retained in Warrnambool and some provided to Burnley on behalf of Legacy.

The tree near the Australian War Memorial in Canberra is grown from seed of a cone sent back to Australia by Benjamen Smith of the 3rd Battalion. It was one of two. The other planted at Inverell has since died.