History of the Friends

The Friends of the Botanic Gardens was formed in 1989.  Since then, the Friends have restored the fountain, the gas lights, the sundial, the fernery and more recently had the carriage for the cannon rebuilt and made safe for future generations of children to climb.

A major success was being part of the process of securing our Curator who has been at the gardens since 2007, the advancement in the gardens since his appointment have to be seen to be believed

The Friends have assisted with the maintenance and enhancement of Guilfoyle's garden which is their first priority.  To this end they have created a database of the major plantings.  They also encourage greater public participation with the gardens.

A History of The Friends has been compiled by our historian Marie Johnston, Pat Varley and Mandy King this is an ongoing project as years go by.

The Newsletter of the Friends was commenced with volume one in July 1992 where a lot of the history was gained click here for an article on the newsletter