Pens hand crafted from the Lone Pine

The Friends of the Gardens collected dead branches pruned from the Lone Pine in the Gardens. They contacted Louis Seater, a member of the Warrnambool Triton Woodworkers and asked if he would be able to fashion some pens that could be sold to the members and community. The Friends had in mind the connection between the Lone Pine and the fact that in 2015 it will be 100 years since a pinecone from Lone Pine at Gallipoli was collected by Sergeant Keith McDowell. He gave it to his aunt, Mrs E. Gray of Grasmere and from this she raised four seedlings. One was planted at the Shrine in Melbourne, but this has since died. There is one at Wattle Park in Melbourne and one at The Sisters. The tree in WBG is far and away the healthiest.

These pens are now on sale, $25 for members, $40 for the public and bolt action $60. The pens come with a brief history of the wood used

Orders are being taken if you would like to send an email to The Friends with your contact details or by ringing Pat Varley 0355624800 or Mandy King 0438620343

The Standard Newsletter newspaper published an article.


pens hand-crafted from the Lone Pine
pens hand-crafted from the Lone Pine